Learn More about the GMS Team Program

GMS Gymnastics offers a competitive girls team program from level Xcel, 3 to 10 and a competitive boys program from levels 4-9   .


Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Team

The GMS Team program has been state and nationally ranked since 1988.  Our philosophy for the team program has always been to develop well rounded gymnasts with strong work ethic and self confidence.  We encourage team building and character  development throughout the practices.  We also encourage academic growth and attention to school work. Our gymnasts are motivated to keep a consistent schedule  where they are able to manage their social lives, academics and gymnastics.  New to our team is the Xcel program. The Xcel program is designed for gymnasts who enjoy competing however may  have other extra curricular activities they are involved in and are not required to practice as long.  The Xcel program provides a great opportunity  for gymnasts who may have started later in their lives to experience competition and team bonding.

GMS Team opportunities:

Once the gymnasts complete the Alpha program and are in the Beta program, we assess girls who have the potential, strength and skills to be evaluated for the following teams

Ages 4-5 – Rising Star Team

Designed to prep girls for J.O. Level 2 and 3. Body positions, conditioning and flexibility are stressed.


Team Leotard, 2 hours weekly practice, participation in  1 or 2 mini meets

Ages 5-7- PJOP and JOP Team

Designed for children who are able to complete certain skills on all 4 events and complete a series of conditioning skills.


Team Leotard, 4 hours weekly practice, participation in 2 mini meets

Ages 6-13

Xcel- Emerald


Team Leotard, 4 hours weekly practice, participation in 2 in house mini meets

Xcel Bronze House League


Team Leotard , 4 hours weekly practice, participation in 2 in house mini meets

Xcel Bronze -Platinum Travel Leagues


Team Leotard, Team Warm Ups, 6 hours+ weekly practice, participation in local and away competitions, Booster assessment  and competition fees.

J.O Team Pre-Team- Level 10


Team Leotard, Team Warm ups, 6hours + weekly practice, mandatory participation in local and away meets, Booster assessments, competition fees.

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Boys Competitive Team

The GMS boys team has grown in the past five years to become a force to be reckoned with in the state of Virginia.  We believe gymnastics is one of the best first sports to experience for boys who would like to learn about self discipline and work ethic.  The boys team practices in a state of the art facility custom made for olympic and national training purposes.  Our philosophy for the boys team is similar to that of the women’s program, we encourage team building and want to train well rounded individuals.

GMS Team Opportunities

The GMS boys program begins with the Alpha level. Once a child has passed Alpha 1, 2, and 3 he is eligible for evaluation for the entry in one of two teams.

Ages 4-6


Designed for boys preparing for level 3 and up


2 hours weekly practice, GMS boys compression T, participation in in house mini meets.

Ages 6-14


Designed for boys preparing for level 4 competition


4 hours weekly practice, GMS Boys compression T, participation in  in house mini meets.


J.O Level 4-10


6 hours or more of weekly practice, GMS Team Uniform, Booster assessment fees, competition fees, mandatory travel competitions.