Recreational Gymnastics

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GMS is committed to giving children the head start they need to become well rounded individuals & athletes. We provide a safe and caring environment where children develop social skills, self-esteem, as well as proper gymnastic technique. We allow children to work within their own abilities and help them achieve and strive for their personal best.

Our  Girls recreational program, and Boys Recreational Program are designed to help students learn foundational gymnastics skills, strengthen their bodies, and develop focus and drive for mastery of skills.  Through fun, children are encouraged to go through a series of foundational levels as they learn to strengthen their skills and sharpen their talents.  Our preschool, Alpha, Beta and Gamma programs are the progressive levels each student will follow.

Description of classes

Busy Bees ages (waking 1 year – 2 1/2) This class is designed for parent participation with children.  Walking toddlers 12 months-2 1/2 years will be able to get the benefits of early developmental motor skills and gymnastics! The Busy Bee program is designed to expose the students to balance, coordination, strength, and motor milestones. This class is perfect for parents who want to jump start their child’s development and cognitive abilities. Classes include music, movement, basic gymnastics and eye hand coordination.

Hot Tots (ages 2-4): Designed to encourage toddlers to develop strength and coordination through fun and engaging activities.  The Hot Tots class helps develop attention and focus.

Jr. Alpha  (4 – 6)Designed to teach students fundamental gymnastics skills and necessary body awareness,strength and balance to build on basic skills.


Mobility Program Overview

Alpha 1, 2, 3 (age corresponds to skill level):  Beginning Developmental Level

Designed to build strength and confidence while children learn basic gymnastics skills on all events.

Beta 1, 2, 3 (age corresponds to skill level): Intermediate Developmental Level ( must have completed Alpha Level)

Designed to build strength, confidence and mastery of basic skills in addition to learning intermediate gymnastics skills on all events.

Gamma 1,2,3 3 (age corresponds to skill level):  Advanced, Pre-competitive Developmental Level (must have passed Beta Level)

Designed to build core strength, self discipline, work habits and mastery of intermediate skills, in addition to working towards a competitive level of gymnastics.

Program Overview

Each level (Alpha, Beta, Gamma) has 3 sublevels designated by 1, 2 or 3. Each sublevel has guidelines for each event and contains roughly 3-8 skills on each apparatus.

Students’ progress will be evaluated on a daily basis by each instructor. Our goal is for gymnasts to attain the skills in each sublevel.  This mobility will allow the gymnast an opportunity to move up through the next sublevel & ultimately reach the next sequential program.

Awards and Recognition

Once skills are completed, the gymnast will receive a skill achievement chart and a ribbon corresponding to the sublevel that was completed. Once all 3 sublevels are complete for each level, students will then receive a medal for that level.  Students will have the opportunity to collect each ribbon corresponding to the level they complete.  Instructor’s will identify the gymnast at the conclusion of the class and present them with their completion chart and ribbon.  Please be advised students excel at their own pace.  Some students may complete their charts at a faster pace than other.  We ask and know you will encourage your child through this exciting and rewarding process.