Re-Opening Information 2020

We are happy to announce that GMS will go into Stage #1 as of Friday, June 12th, 2020 and immediately transition into Stage #2 as of Wednesday, June 17th, 2020.  GMS is looking forward in seeing our gymnasts and extended family.  During these past few months, we have been blessed with overwhelming support. As we move forward into our normal routine, please know we are completely committed in providing our gymnasts and staff the safest environment possible.

Below is a breakdown of GMS’s stages of return within the groups.  Please review the list carefully and if you should have any questions, please direct them to


 (Begins June 17th)

GMS’S STAGE #2 Additions

 (Begins July 1st )


 (Begins July 20th)

  • Boys and Girls Level 10
  • Boys and Girls Level 9
  • Boys and Girls Level 8
  • Boys and Girls Level 7
  • Boys and Girls Level 6
  • Boys Level J/D
  • Boys and Girls Level 5
  • Boys & Girls Level 4
  • Girls Level 3
  • Developmental Testing
  • Girls Level 3 Trainers
  • Girls XCEL Diamond
  • Girls XCEL Platinum
  • Girls XCEL Gold
  • Girls XCEL Silver
  • Girls XCEL Bronze


  • Hot- Tots
  • Junior Alphas (Boys & Girls)
  • Alphas & Beta’s
  • Cheer Tumbling Classes
  • Developmental Teams



Recreational Gymnastics

Due to the cancellation of classes on March 16 and beyond, we have needed to issue families make up tokens for the month of March, and credit on accounts for the month of April. We will open registration for Summer 2020 classes on June 26th. Summer classes will run on a punch card system where families will be able to purchase or use credit towards the punch card for summer recreational classes.

Re-Opening Update


Gym Reopening Health & Safety Measures

We miss seeing everyone(in real life) and being in the gym!

The cleanliness of the gym is a top priority to ensure the health and safety of our gymnasts and now more than ever our staff is taking measures to make sure the guidelines set forth by the CDC are followed.  As this is an evolving situation, we will continue to monitor in real time to ensure the proper precautions are being taken so everyone feels safe coming to class.

Gym & Equipment Sanitization

We have been busy procuring top-grade disinfectant solutions that are proven to kill viruses like COVID-19. Our staff disinfects each piece of equipment after each use. High traffic areas such as door handles and hallways are cleaned after each class.

‘In Good Health’ Verification

Upon arrival, gymnasts will get thier temperatures checked and verification of good health will be logged. Any gymnast with a temperatue of 100.4 or higher will not be permitted in the building and will not be able to participate in classes.

When registering for classes, you will be required to affirm at the time of arrival that you are in good health and have not been in contact with anyone experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 as detailed by the CDC.

Additionally, we ask you to complete a waiver to be kept on file to acknowledge your participation in the gym is welcomed as long as you are healthy and observing our new studio policies and social distancing protocols.

Our staff will be held to the same ‘In Good Health’ Verification and will have temperature checks before shifts.

More Time Between Classes

We will allow for 30-40 minutes between classes to allow adequate time for the first class to exit, our staff to deep clean, and the next class to enter safely. The schedule will look different than before, please bear with us in this sensitive time.

Parents Viewing

Currently, we are not allowing parents to ener the building for viewing, however once the guidelines change, we may be able to open our viewing area. We offer Live Streaming via a specialized app for our clients only. Parents may stay in the parking area and view thier children in real time as they participate in classes.

Mask Requirements + Temperature Checks

All adults over 18 are encouraged to wear masks upon entry to the gym; coaches will be masked when unable to keep distancing due to safety and spotting concerns. Gymnasts are not required to wear masks.

Reduced Class Size during Social Distancing

Our program has significantly reduce class capacity to guarantee adequate personal space and distancing while participating in class. Class structures are quite different as we do not allow for lines to form. Gymansts will work in personal spaces with the coaches moving from one student to the next.

Hydration and Cubbies

Our water filling stations and water fountains will be temporarily closed; please come to class with a full water bottle! Once gymnast check in they will either place their shoes and water bottle in a bag ( team) or a personalized plastic bin (Recreational)

Late Entry & Walk-Ins

Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before class and plan to exit the facility within 10 minutes of class ending. To observe social distancing, temperature screenings and proper disinfecting protocols; there will be no late entry permitted for any class once the check in time period is over and class starts.

Hands Off Corrections

For your safety, our teachers will continue to coach gymnasts on form using verbal and visual cues in addition to demonstration instead of using hands-on corrections. Coaches will only intervene with spotting to prevent injury.

Class Types

Online- We will continue to offer online classes for those who wish to keep up with their gymnastics training in a modified capacity.

Private Lessons- Gymnasts have the option to schedule private, one on one lessons at the GMS Facility

Group Classes- We will be conducting classes with a limited capacity begining July 20th.

Team Tryouts- If you are interested in scheduling a team tryout session, you may do so by appointment only.

Please review the details of our Re-opening in the attached diagram

Phasing of Return- GMS