GMS Pre-Team


The GMS Pre-Team program is designed for children ages 3-12 who demonstrate above average talent for gymnastics, body awareness, strength, flexibility and agility. All Pre-Team programs are designed to foster natural ability and prepare young gymnasts to embrace practice ethics and team work. The goal is to prepare youngsters for competition and a long gymnastics career. Gymnasts in the GMS Pre-Team will learn skills from the USAG Junior Olympic Programs level 1, 2 and TOPS skills. Pre-Team gymnasts will be preparing to compete in travel or house teams.

 Pre-Team 1- Ages 4-6

Pre-Team 2- Ages 6-8

Pre-Team 3 – Ages 8-12

2016-2017 Schedule

Pre-team 1- Monday and Wednesday 4:15-6:15

Pre-team 2 Monday and Wednesday 6:15-8:15

Pre-team 3 Wednesday and Friday 4:15-6:15


For current Pre-Team members:

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