Frequently Asked Questions

How Much do Classes Cost?

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When is Tuition Due?

Tuition is due by the 27th of each month. 

What methods of payment can I use to pay tuition?

We take credit card, cash and check if you wish to pay before the 27th.  We will automatically charge the credit card on file on the 28th of each month for the following month.

What happens if the card on file is declined?

GMS families are required to update the card on file in order to prevent late fees from incurring.  Payment for classes must be made by the 27th. There will be a fee of $20 for late payments due to credit card malfunctions.

How do I cancel my classes?

We require a 30 day written notice for cancellation of classes. You can pick up a withdrawal form from the front office. Withdrawal forms must be submitted in person.  The 30 days will begin on the day the form is received and signed.

How often is the Registration Fee charged?

The registration fee of $60.00 is charged yearly and is due before classes begin. If your gymnast cancel classes and starts within the same year, the registration fee will carry over.

What will my child learn in her/his gymnastics class?

Our program follows a developmental approach to learning gymnastics. In each class , gymnasts will learn skill requirements as listed in the Alpha, Beta, Gamma guidelines and check lists. Gymnasts will work on skills on each of the events. Gymnasts will also be expected to progress through skills and will receive a progress checklist every 8 weeks. Our checklists include areas of gymnastics, flexibility and conditioning. Sample Alpha 1 checklist

How do coaches keep track of my child’s progress?

Our girls recreational program follows the Alpha ( Beginner), Beta (Intermediate) , Gamma( Advanced) program for developmental gymnastics. Our boys recreational program follows the Alpha and Beta progressions.There are checklists for skills on each event in which coaches are required to instruct during the gymnastics lessons. Coaches instruct on the level of the gymnast to help him/her complete the skills on their list. Parents receive feedback on progress every 8 weeks.  To learn more about mobility through levels click here.

When can my child compete?

Once a gymnast completes the foundation level of our program ( Alpha 3) , they will move on to the Beta level and be able to get checked for one of our House Leagues.  At GMS we have 4 house leagues depending on the ages of the children. For Girls , our Rising Star team is comprised of children ages 3-6 who demonstrate above average talent, coordination and strength. They demonstrate in 2 house competitions yearly.  Our Pre-JOP , JOP, Emerald and House Bronze teams are  comprised of girls ages 5-13 who are working on the USAG level 1, 2, 3  skills as well as TOPS (Talent Opportunity Program) conditioning.  They compete in House ( at our facility) 3x yearly. Once children compete in house, they will be invited to a travel squad. To learn more about our competitive teams click here.  Boys who complete Alpha 3 skills will move onto Beta and will be able to get tested for our Boys Pre-Team/Level 3 which is a Travel squad.